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I’m a Secret Sketcher

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

One of my favorite things to do is to go somewhere, anywhere, and just sketch or paint what I see around me. It’s a way to help me see the world from a new perspective. It forces me to slow down and to admire little things I am normally oblivious to in my hectic life.

I use all kinds of media. Pens, pencils, on paper or napkins. Watercolor in a book or a large easel. And lately, my iPad while sitting under a shady tree, awning or in a cafe.

I’ve know others who quietly sketched or painted. Most often unseen by people running about getting through their own personal to do lists. I felt like I was part of a secret society, unknown by the general populous.

But today I am here to announce that we are secret no more. The Secret Sketchers will be presenting their work at a special presentation at SFMOMA on September 7, from 6-8PM. Our work will be presented quickly, just 20 seconds per sketch. Once done, we will quietly disappear, secret once again.

For tickets and information:



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