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Announcing Our Affordable Tiny Home Designs

I've been designing second dwelling units, cabanas, granny units, detached home offices, garage conversions and dwelling units over existing garages for years.

Since the State of California passed laws over the last few years starting in 2016 to require and incentivize municipalities to allow accessory dwelling units (aka ADUs) on single family and multi family lots, a boom and interest in these small homes has exploded in interest.

ADUs are technically defined as a dwelling unit that is accessory to the primary or dwelling unit. An existing single family home, duplex, or multi-unit apartment would be classified as the primary dwelling. An ADU can be detached or attached to the primary dwelling. The intent of the State law is that the new ADU would be on a permanent foundation, but some municipalities have been more lenient and allow for dwellings on wheels like mobile homes or trailers.

After designing several of these types of structures over the last 10 years, I chose to take some of our most efficient, versatile and interesting projects and have those plans available to purchase from a new website: Homeowners, general contractors, and property investors can purchase our plans, which comes with some services to help obtain permits, and expedite the design process.

In the case of one of our plans, the 16th, we went one step further to become a preapproved ADU vendor with the City of San Jose. Rather than taking months to gain approvals from the City of San Jose, our preapproved plans can get a customer a permit in just days.

Of course, we will continue to design custom ADUs for clients who want something specifically designed for them and their property.

Please check out our new website to see the plans currently available.

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