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Chang Thai restaurant store front drawing - Jennifer Kretschmer Architect

These services can be included together or separately. Our firm can provide these services to you separately from any design services and can be used freely should you choose to hire another firm to complete the design and construction documents for your project.

  • Clarify project goals and design issues to ensure that the project reflects the client's vision and provide a rational basis for design decision making.

  • Write a defined scope of work for the project.

  • Code, Zoning, and other municipal requirements and restrictions researched and documented for your use. This includes APN Maps, setbacks, height restrictions, design criteria, etc.

  • Discuss possible "big picture" design ideas

  • Establish a budget based on design ideas and initial discussed scope of work.



  • Code, Zoning, and other municipal requirements and restrictions researched and documented for your use. This includes APN Maps, setbacks, height restrictions, design criteria, etc.

  • This may include going to the municipal office to discuss the project specific design ideas with a staff member to confirm that general project ideas could gain approval from the municipality.

  • Recording of existing property conditions (if existing structure exists) , and measuring existing buildings if necessary.

  • Create floor plan, roof plan, site plan, and exterior elevations of existing buildings as necessary.

  • Engaging consultants necessary  topographic surveys, soil reports, grading and drainage if necessary for the project.



  • Creating one or several design solutions.

  • The solutions are presented in drawings, models, and/or computer models.



  • One design is chosen and developed.

  • Planning and Architectural reviews.



  • Drawing a set of plans for building permit submittal and for construction.

  • Submittal of construction drawings to the Building Department for review and approval.

  • Revisions to the drawings requested by the local municipality are included.

  • Project management and coordination with consultants such as structural and civil engineering, soils testing, energy and lighting specialists, HVAC engineering, kitchen equipment suppliers, etc.

Hiring the


  • We will assist the client in engaging general contractors to bid on the project and to be prepared to build. We will also review the bids for compliance to construction drawings.

  • Construction Administration.

  • Observation during the construction phase to assure compliance to the construction drawings.



Site Design

Entryway to a house - Jennifer Kretschmer Architect
  • Designing landscaping features, fences, patios and planters.

  • Providing drawings and documents of these designs.

Interior Design

  • Selecting and designing interior features that are a permanent part of the building such as floors, tile back splashes, ceiling features, lighting fixture, and built-in cabinetry.

  • Developing the kitchen plan(s) and specifying and/or designing cabinets, fixtures, lighting and appliances.

Models and


  • Creating physical or computer generated models of your project.

  • Generating and providing renderings.

Custom Artwork, Murals, and Signs

  • Design and create custom artworks or murals for residential and commercial locations.

  • Design custom signage and review fabricators shop drawings.

Green house - Jennifer Kretschmer Architect


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