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An Architect’s New Studio

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Prior to 2008, I rented an office in a typical business park and shared the space with another architect. When the recession began, I gave up my office and began working from home. It was planned to be a temporary solution. It also made it very convenient to split my time between architecture and art as all my painting supplies were in my home. I always dreamed of a studio and started using the back of my garage. That was okay as long as the weather didn’t get too cold or too hot, or the garage door wasn’t opened to park a car and I’d have to contend with the fumes.

So this year I decided would be the year that I would transform the back half of the garage into a self contained studio. I planned a bathroom, a storage loft, a beverage station, new electrical and a heat pump to keep the inside a nice temperature.

Here are the plans:

This first plan is the existing garage. It’s very deep and originally designed for tandem parking. The back half of the garage has a cathedral ceiling which is high and slope on two sides.

In the second image is the new plan for the studio which includes a new bathroom. The bathroom ceiling will be low and flat allowing for a loft over the top. The loft will be used for storage and can double as a cozy hang out space

The third drawing shows the interior design details for the bathroom and the beverage station.

The last three photos are the existing garage before construction started.

Once the plans are approved by the city and the permit is ready, construction can begin. I’ll post some in progress construction photos in a later blog.




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