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Reimagined Ranch

Situated on a busy corner in San Jose, this mid-century Ranch style home had already lived a long life. From the inside and out, the entire property was reimagined into a 21st century sanctuary while still acknowledging its original mid-century design roots. With many new additions to accommodate the hobbies and interest of the current owners, including a wood and metal shop, a wine cellar, an aerial silk, a wooden Japanese soaking tub called an ofuro, a sauna in the primary bathroom and a fire orb to replace the masonry fireplace. The home floor plan changed the most in the public spaces. The original kitchen at the front of the home and the dark and tiny entryway were transformed into a home office and a brighter entry foyer. The kitchen was moved to the back of the home and the sunroom was demolished so that a larger addition that transitioned to a high vaulted ceiling could be added.


When the owners began looking for a place to live while their home was rebuilt, they decided that an ADU should be added to the program. After working for a while with a pre-fab company that was not able to meet their expectations, J Kretschmer Architect redesigned and worked with the city, owner and general building contractor to transition to a site built ADU.  Today that ADU now serves as rental income for the owners.

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