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Dear Neighbor,


I am the architect for your neighbor located at 5257 Bristol Place. They are planning to remodel their home and add and small addition (183 square feet) for a new entry. Part of the remodel is the inclusion of a  Junior ADU so that in-laws can live somewhat independently. The plans can be reviewed at this link: CLICK HERE  and some images on this page.

Alternately, your neighbor could also discuss with you and share the plans if you contact them. You can reach Todd Tokubo at:


This project requires a design review approval from the City of Newark.


As an adjoining property owner, the City of Newark has requested that I ask you to date and sign your name at the bottom of this letter to demonstrate that you have reviewed and, provided this is the case, have no objections to the project as planned.



Jennifer Kretschmer, AIA

Principal Architect

5257Bristol_PlanningSet (dragged).jpg
5257Bristol_PlanningSet (dragged) 3.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 9.57.41 AM.png
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